Friday, November 15, 2013

New Bedroom
Finally something new!

The set includes the bed, pillow for the bed, pillow for a chair/sofa, dresser, 3 hanging lamps, one wall lamp, bench with 3 slots on each end for putting clutter on, a small vase, large vase with branches and a small table.

There is more for this set that I have not completed yet - hopefully that will be finished soon.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Small Kitchen Set

It's been such a long time! I have had quite the year with some health issues and finally surgery on my right arm that has kept me from really being able to create anything new. I had started a kitchen set last year and rather than toss it and move on, I decided to force myself to finish it. The main reason being the door which probably consumed any last brain cells I had. It was not an easy thing for me, but I think it works. Wow.
Some notes about this kitchen:

Sink: When tested in my game, it obviously works on this set. I found it to work with every EA counter, but none of the CC counters except this one. I should mention I only have 2 CC counters in my game. However, another tester found that it also worked with EA counters and many of her CC counters.

Terrarium: It is about 1800 polys. If that is too high for you, it is clearly labled and easily deleted.

Counters: There are two - one with drawers and one with doors. As usual, they are only available as Sim3packs, but everything else is package format if you so choose.

As always, if you have any issues that I missed, please post here. I will always fix anything that I am able to fix.

Huge thanks to Laure for helping to test, Eric for his help looking things over and his invaluable suggestions, and finally to Sandy who helped me with an issue with a different sink that I chose not to pursue. Still, thanks for your time and knowlege Sandy!

The chairs, painting and rug in the picture are from Eric's gift set to SF Magazine in which he was
recently interviewed. Yay, Eric!

2 Counters
Pendant Light

Saturday, October 29, 2011

All Objects + Beds Updated For Pets

All the objects on this site, including beds, have been updated for pets. Everything should work just fine, but if you encounter any problems please let me know here. If you have already used one of the fixer programs on your CC, then you shouldn't need to download my files again, but it doesn't address beds, so please make sure you get the updated beds.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Living Room

I finally completed a living room idea that was rolling around in my head for months. I started most of these things back in March, but I lost momentum and almost tossed it in the recycle bin. It can be hard for me to revisit things that I have already done.

The living set consists of a large 3 tile sofa, a smaller 2 tile bench, various pillows, a tall cabinet, a trio of mirrors, a glass table lamp, a coffee table made from a tree stump, a piece of framed fabric for the wall and some glass pears in a dish. There are some things to note about this set. First, the sofa I really made for me. I wanted a more modern sofa for my game, but I wanted some detail and I wanted the challenge of making it low poly. The sofa is 4400 polys, which isn't too bad for a 3 tile object. It goes over the limit by about 266 polys per tile. I try very hard to keep things within the recommended limits, but if something requires a lot of detail, I want to keep everyone informed so they can make their own choice. I very much doubt that this would cause problems for anyone's game, but ya never know! Secondly, the pillows do not need a cheat to place - extra convenient for lazy people like me who hates having to do cheats when decorating!

I would like to point out that some of the items shown in the screenshots are available at B5Studio. The adorable tree stump chairs, the mirrors behind the sofa and of course the rugs and lovely screen made of doors. There are a lot more goodies that he made to go with his set, too - lamps and more mirrors - Oh! And how could I forget? The beautiful lucite console table, too!

Off to start B's bed!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

In The Garden And Other Things

For many reasons I have not felt like meshing, at least one of those reasons I will touch on in this post. Indulge me. It isn't often that I feel the need to vent just a little, and especially in a place that is meant for Sims sharing! Thankfully, as always, Eric (Bau) was there to nudge me and inspire me. Back when I first started making things, there was a real spirit of sharing and learning - at least amongst the people I was fortunate enough to fall in with. It is my impression, anonymously reading out there in Sim land, that people have the impression that anyone who makes something for this game and shares it on the internet knows every technique, every nuance that goes in to making custom content. Not so! We're all on different levels, and at least for me, there isn't one set that I don't make that I have not learned something new. That is probably why I love making things so much - always a learning experience. When you are fortunate enough to have someone to collaborate with, even if it isn't a joint effort, it makes it that much more enjoyable. Eric is the epitome of a phrase I see frequently: constructive critisism. Honestly, if he didn't say "hey why not add a slot to that?", I probably wouldn't even think of it. Or, "hey, I like that, but it's a little off on the left side". That is constructive critisism, and it is the only way that I know to improve and challenge myself to make something better than I would on my own. Honestly, if he said "Omg! This sucks! You suck!", I probably wouldn't bother. It is entirely disheartening to see the unrestrained, entitled attitudes from so many people out there! Not for the things I make so much as the things that I see said about other's attempts to share something they find useful or pretty. I'm not going anywhere, even though I often take long breaks to become inspired again, but it really is very discouraging when you spend a great deal of time, effort and attention to detail making things you hope even one person can use. Obviously meshing and all that goes into it is not brain surgery, but I think many of you would be surprised at the process that goes into making a set that is (hopefully) ready to share. Time consuming and sometimes headache inducing. Heh. I probably wrote this long winded post for an audience of one, but meh. I feel better saying it.

Ok, so garden stuff! I made a few things that are either in my garden or that I wish were in it! The little fountain is made by turning a pot upside down and putting the drain plate thingy on top. I have hoards of birds that play in mine all day. There are a few plants in pots - something I love to tuck in with my plants in the ground, but I find that I am lacking these for my game. Plants. The bane of my existence! I am not terribly good at making plants. I find it very difficult to make a natural looking plant and keep the polys low. There is an avocado plant in a tin can, a pennywort and basil plant in pots. I saw the hanging bells in a catalogue and want to get them one day. A couple of little finials that I thought would look neat tucked into a garden, a crate table that I wish I knew how to make stackable like the one I see recolored all over the community. Anyone know how to do that? There is also another birdbath that does not have slots and the most annoying outdoor lights ever made! Seriously, if Eric were not there to push me to do better and figure it out, you'd have glass balls on a stick. These however light up correctly and have recolorable glass - again, thanks to Eric! To get the items he made in these pictures, go here! Finally, the little sofa-bench-thingy is part of another set I hope to have finished up later this week. It's been sitting around since March :(

Friday, March 11, 2011

South East Asian Inspired Bedroom

Whew! I think I started this in December, but I got sidetracked by real life. This little set is inspired by various places in South East Asia: Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, etc. The curtains are slightly sheer.
Large Basket
Small Basket
Stacked Basket Table
Raindrum Table
Bowl with Glass
Water Bowl

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fixed Some Items

Whew! December has been a crazy rollercoaster ride for me with some personal issues that came up unexpectedly. I had meant to get these fixed items up much sooner. So sorry for the delay.

It was brought to my attention that the cutting board and the island from the T1Kitchen set were causing some problems. I think I have fixed both. The cutting board is now properly categorized and should show up in sculptures. The island was having some issues when you would try to recolor one half and sometimes could not be changed. I believe I fixed that. I tested it a few different ways in my own game, but I can't be sure. Be sure to remove the old files from the launcher before installing these, and be sure to let me know if you are still having problems!